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about us

  • Medestra Healthcare is an out and out healthcare oriented company thus we understood the needs of healthcare industries from the core. We completely understand the challenges in RCM industry and we take great pride in maintaining higher level of customers satisfaction. 

  • As a medical coding specialist, it is our goal to provide outstanding quality for outsourced medical coding services. We are committed to making your life easier and helping you with swift, efficient medical coding services.

  • We will constantly seek to improve, grow and find new ways to support the efficient delivery of medical coding services. We will develop successful business relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

  • We will be a progressive workplace with strong leadership, an obsession with high standards, respect for diversity, social awareness and a commitment to creating exceptional professional development opportunities for all members of our team.

  • We are also providing Medical coding training for starters and also certification training for experienced medical coders. We have Training and placement centers at Chennai, Pondicherry and Villupuram.

  • We have a team of highly experienced, Certified Trainers who have been consultants for a lot of MNCs across the nation. There by, our trainers possess up-to date level of knowledge and pass on the same level of knowledge to our students. 


To become one of the top and best provider of choice for RCM and Healthcare KPO services.


  • Continuously improving expertise in Medical coding and Training

  • Being compliance with HIPAA, HITECH 

  • Providing RCM services as a solution

  • Being loyal and dependable to the customer

  • Sole focus on healthcare business

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